Bank of America

Renovation Surveys



As part of a major overhaul of its branch network, Bank of America needed to makeover all locations in California in an effort to transform those branches into places customers can come to for advice and expertise rather than just a transaction center.


Bank of America’s California network of 800 plus branches had been created through mergers and acquisitions and as a result, their corporate planning teams did not have up-to-date information about the physical aspects of many of these locations.




Bank of America turned to DedON to obtain As-Built Surveys for half of the California branch network before the start of the planning and implementation phases of the overhaul initiative.


DedON rolled out a 5-month schedule of surveys of the assigned 400 locations. Our Field Agents visited each location and created a complete and comprehensive report that included Floor Plans, Site Plans, and Photographs of Signage, Exteriors, Interiors, and specific Physical Assets (ATMs, Info Desk, Teller Windows, etc.).




At the conclusion of this initiative, Bank of America had a clear and complete understanding of the size, shape, and condition of each of the surveyed Branch Buildings, Parking lots, Drive-thru ATMs, Finishes, and Brand Graphics.


One of the key findings in the DedON reports was that on average, branches were larger than their Teams had anticipated. With this knowledge, Bank of America was able to create realistic budgets and construction schedules that allowed for capital and expense control.

Bank of America Branch - Renovation Surveys



Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Bank of America is ranked 2nd among the largest banks in the United States and serves approximately 46 million consumer and small business relationships through approximately 4,600 retail financial centers and approximately 16,000 ATMs.