Dollar General

Remodel & Conventional Surveys



Due to the significant increase in their volume of locations and consistent year over year growth in same-store revenue, Dollar General commits to renovating approximately 10% of their total locations every year.


In order to complete this task in the most efficient way possible, the Dollar General planning teams have to eliminate any surprises from the project’s construction lifecycle however they lack the internal resources to execute the Surveys needed to keep pace with the challenging construction schedule.




The DedON Field Teams visit hundreds of Dollar General Locations every year to create comprehensive reports that include Floor Plans, Site Plans, and Photographs of Signage, Exteriors, Interiors, and specific Physical Assets. These reports are then used by the Dollar General Store Planning Teams to decide which areas of the stores are most in need of renovation.




The comprehensive data provided by DedON supports the Dollar General Planning and Construction Teams’ efforts to leverage existing infrastructure, promote value engineering, and helps them adhere to budget and schedule restraints. These factors are critical to the scale of Dollar General’s remodel initiative.


These store transformations provide consumers with an enriched in-store experience that helps Dollar General rise above its competition to not only maintain but also increase market share in today’s competitive retail environment.

Dollar General Store - Remodel & Conventional Surveys



Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. As of 2020, Dollar General operates approximately 16,000 stores in the continental United States with an additional 1000 new locations being opened every year.