Polo Ralph Lauren

Vendor Shop Drawings



As a critical element in the distribution to department stores, PRL and its licensing partners utilize Vendor Shops (Shop-In-Shops) to enhance brand recognition and to differentiate the presentation of the products.


PRL’s Store Planning Team has partnered with DedON annually for over 22 years upon determining that having As-Built Surveys of their locations would optimize the construction process of the PRL Vendor Shop format.




The DedON Team creates detailed As-Built Surveys for the PRL Team prior to the design, manufacturing, and installation stages of their Vendor Shop Projects. Over the course of the two decades of partnership, DedON’s Field Team has visited retail sites in over 20 countries and created complete and comprehensive reports that include Existing Assets, Status Verification, and Visual Evidence.


The documents that originate from our process are delivered in a user-friendly standard format that can be shared among internal and external stakeholders in a variety of formats and channels in order to promote buy-in, participation, and teamwork.




Working with DedON’s proven onsite-profiling process enables the PRL Store Planning Team to successfully manage a large number of retail and vendor shop projects to completion.


PRL also realizes regular cost savings by reducing the number of contractors, the use of pre-fabricated components, and volume purchasing. PRL remains a leader in ON-Time & ON-Budget store openings while maintaining the integrity of the PRL brand.

Polo Ralph Lauren Store - Vendor Shop Drawings



Ralph Lauren is a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products, including apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and other licensed product categories. Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL) merchandise is available through its 500 company-owned locations as well as wholesale distribution channels at over 13,000 doors worldwide.