Studio Movie Grill

Theatre Conversion Drawings



Meticulously designed theaters are a hallmark of the Studio Movie Grill brand. In order to accomplish this, their architectural and design teams for new theaters require accurate and comprehensive As-Built Surveys for each potential location in order to accommodate the design and construction process.




SMG has partnered with DedON and its proven onsite-profiling platform to obtain As-Built Surveys before the design, layout, material procurement, and construction of all new theater projects. DedON’s Site Measure professionals visit the sites and create complete and detailed drawings and reports that include existing assets, MEP information (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing), elevation profiles, and visual evidence. These files are shared among all corporate and on-site teams in the new theatre design and construction function and are critical to their decision-making process.




The new theaters support Studio Movie Grill’s brand position through unique environments that provide customers with an exceptional experience. SMG’s architects and designers now have accurate information at their fingertips that allows them to consider each theater location individually, creating a bespoke mix of local influences, natural materials, and custom furniture. Additionally, the drawings serve as a tool for their teams to leverage existing infrastructure, promote value engineering, and allow for capital and expense control.

Studio Movie Grill Exterior - Theatre Conversion Drawings



Studio Movie Grill (SMG) is an American dine-in movie theater chain based in Dallas, Texas. As of 2019, Studio Movie Grill has approx. 30 locations in over 10 states consisting of over 300+ screens.