Front End Remodel 



In efforts to optimize checkout for improved efficiency, customer experience, and in response to customer expectations for far more cutting-edge capability from retailers, Walmart’s aggressive and large-scale strategy to renovate their front end for self-checkout installations required a great amount of work to be done within short timelines. Rolling out installations in dozens, sometimes hundreds of stores within several months, Walmart did not have the in-house capacity to facilitate their tight timelines.


As a trusted Walmart vendor, DedON partnered with their internal Store Planning, merchandising, and operations teams, to help execute their Front End Strategy.


DedON resources attended cross-team strategy meetings at Walmart’s head office and quickly learned the Front End Project strategy and their business rules. Knowing Walmart’s goal and how their end-users were to use our information, DedON created an efficient As-Built survey strategy to get the most relevant information of on-site conditions which would impact the installation of the self-check-outs. Those As-Builts were then used by our Retail Support Team to implement the future state strategy of the project and produce user-friendly front-end layouts for Walmart’s teams to carry-out their fixture orders and installations.


With the support from DedON’s teams, Walmart was able to realize their strategy, meeting each tight deadline and completing in-store installations smoothly and efficiently. Trusting DedON’s proven capability to quickly learn business strategies and Store Planning standards, Walmart continued to adapt its front-end strategy, using DedON’s teams to carry out their on-going self-checkout installation throughout their stores. DedON was able to execute a seamless strategy as if Walmart’s teams executed the projects themselves.

Walmart Store - As-Built & Future-state Drawings


Walmart Inc. is headquartered in Bentonville, AK, and is the world’s largest company by revenue that has 11,703 stores and clubs in 28 countries, operating under 63 different names. In Canada, Walmart’s store count is 410; including 330 supercenters and 80 discount stores located from coast to coast.